DiverseCity is a youth development organization that prepares tomorrow’s global citizens through health education and leadership training. The curriculum offers a fun and engaging outlet for physical activity and instruction in targeted interest areas (e.g., arts, music, sport, theatre), while simultaneously furthering students’​ social and emotional growth.

What started as a passion project in 2007- bringing kids from West Philadelphia together with kids from suburban Philadelphia – has evolved into a national platform for youth development. Thousands of youth have graduated from DiverseCity programs in cities across the United States, including Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Differing from traditional sports camps or activity-based programs, DiverseCity offers classroom sessions whereby kids learn about themes like respect, integrity, leadership, and nutrition. It is our sincere hope that DiverseCity alumni leave not just with a better jump shot or fastball, but with a better outlook on life and the world around them.

DiverseCity founders Michael Fratangelo and Greg Rosnick receive the Forman Award from their alma mater Haverford College for their work in bettering society through sport.